1980—Establishment of Horng Shiuh
The Horng Shiuh Company was established in 1980 in Xizhi District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. Initially, the company was mainly engaged in the manufacture of air handling and fan coil units. Sensing the market’s increasing higher demands in air conditioning quality, we have conducted mechanical and structural R&D in the field of air conditioning since 1986, and have adopted production technologies from Japan, the United States, and Europe. We took the lead in the air conditioning industry when we introduced an air handling unit with a framework combined-type structure in 1988, which won praise from customers in various industries and laid a solid foundation for our company in the field of air conditioning.
1988—Establishment of Our Aodi Plant
In 1988, motivated by the rapid changes in society, steadily rising labor costs, and the need to improve the production environment and achieve better efficiency through updated production processes and greater division of labor, company president Mr. Wu Mingcheng decided that the Xizhi plant would specialize in air handling unit production, and established our new Aodi plant to produce fan coil units. At the same time, we purposely installed electronic inspection instruments to standardize and ensure quality.
1993—Establishment of Our Kaohsiung Plant
We began work on our Kaohsiung plant in 1993 with the aim of better coordinating production and sales. To achieve specialization and more economical mass production, we also shifted manufacturing of watercooled and air-cooled chiller units to Ziguan Township, Kaohsiung County, where we had a joint venture with the Kuenling Company—a listed, specialized chiller manufacturer—which gave us optimal production efficiency and competitiveness.
1996—ISO 9002 Certification
In order to achieve product quality meeting international standards, the company began preparing for ISO 9002 certification in 1996. Thanks to effective systems and technology, as well as the dedicated effort on the part of our entire team, we successfully received German ISO 9002 international QA certification in 1997.
1998—Construction of 2nd Xizhi Plant and Building B at the Main Xizhi Plant
As sales increased steadily each year, space at our existing Main Xizhi plant, Main Kaohsiung plant, and Aodi plant was insufficient to meet our needs. We thus built a 2nd Xizhi plant in 1998 in order to achieve even greater sales breakthroughs in the future.
2001—Establishment of our Shanghai Plant
In view of the rapid growth of the Chinese market and the large numbers of foreign air conditioning firms establishing plants in China, as well as our quality meeting international standards after 20 years of growth and progress, we established a plant at Jiuting Town in Shanghai's Songjiang District in order to provide customers with even better and quicker service.
2004—Shanghai plant obtains ISO-9001: 2000 and CRAA certification
2006—Horng Shiuh receives the China Famous Brand Certificate
2012—Establishment of our Yilan plant and integration of plants
Reaching its 30-year milestone in 2012, Horng Shiuh had received widespread recognition from many quarters. Responding to market changes, we established a dedicated plant in Yilan, Taiwan to produce fan coil units, and integrated the new plant with our existing Main Xizhi plant, 2nd Xizhi plant, Aodi plant, and the coil plant as our five main plants in Taiwan. We also expanded our Taichung and Kaohsiung service offices, and relied on our six plants and two service offices in Taiwan and China to provide comprehensive service in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
2015—Establishment of Our Taiwan Product R&D Laboratory Development Status and Vision
Development Status and Vision

After more than thirty years of hard work by Horng Shiuh and all its employees, our company's air handling, fan coil, and chiller units enjoy high market share in the Taiwan market, and are exported to Southeast Asia, India, and the United States. As a result, we are the largest specialized central air conditioning equipment manufacturer in Taiwan.

We have not only obtained the recognition and affirmation of the air conditioning industry, but have also earned respect for Horng Shiuh's air conditioning products in the international market. While honoring our traditions, maintaining a strong work ethic, and serving our customers with dedication, we also ceaselessly pursue innovation and strive to use even more efficient methods to provide customers the best products and services. Looking ahead to the future, we will continue to uphold principles of integrity and innovation as we strive to realize our corporate ideal of sustainable development.